Content & Trigger Warnings

All of my books contain swearing and on page sex scenes. They are intended for mature audiences. See individual book listings below for specific subject matter warnings.

(Warnings are spoilered, click on the yellow line below the title of interest to reveal CW/TWs.)

Warming His Bed

There is discussion in this book about late-term pregnancy loss, cancer, loss of a romantic partner, traumatic limb loss, parental loss, and attempted suicide.

None of these events happen on page/during the story’s timeline, but they inform the main characters’ backstories.

The majority of the in-detail discussion about these past events happens in Chapters 24, 29, and 30.

Falling Inn Hate

There is discussion in this book about parental loss (one of the MCs is orphaned in their early teens) and cheating (neither of the MCs engages in cheating but one of them has been cheated on in the past and this is a theme that informs their emotional wound).

There is also a scene with a wolf spider in Chapter 14. (My developmental editor’s comment was “as someone who dislikes spiders, I appreciateĀ it not getting too graphic there.”)