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One fake vacation rental ad.
Two strangers.
Three weeks stuck together.

For nosy tabloid blogger Sadie Davis, it’s the work trip from hell. Instead of an inviting BnB host, she’s faced with a broody, reclusive ex-firefighter who wants to kick her off his porch.

Drew Evans values his solitude more than anything. So when a captivating stranger shows up at his front door with nowhere else to turn, his gut reaction is hell no—not my problem.

She got scammed, but not by him.

Unfortunately, every hotel in a 90-mile radius is booked up and Drew’s conscience won’t let him leave Sadie stranded in the middle of the night in an ice storm.

Only problem is, Sadie isn’t gone the next day. Or the one after that. And the longer she stays, the harder it gets to say goodbye.


Sadie might be rekindling a spark he thought he extinguished years ago, but it could come at the cost of truth – a truth that could destroy Drew’s entire identity.

Can Sadie and Drew let go of the past enough to hold on to each other, or will they both end up getting burned?


Warming His Bed is a full length, stand-alone, sexy small-town contemporary romance novel with no cheating, first-person dual POV, and a guaranteed HEA. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY. 

e-book available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. Paperback available at multiple online retailers. 

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Xavier King smelled like a leather-bound book wrapped in a warm summer hug…and it made me want to barf.

Kobie Scott is on the cusp of fulfilling her long-time dream. When the neglected Lyons Manor goes up on the market, all Kobie wants is to restore it to its former glory — just as her late mother aspired to. Then a bigshot hotel developer swoops in at the last minute with deep-pockets and a competing offer, and Kobie’s dream starts to slip out of her grasp. 

But she’s not going down without a fight.

Xavier King just wants to seal this deal and get back to his New Jersey office, but this blonde walking encyclopedia seems determined to thwart his every move. Now, thanks to an ages-old bylaw, they’re stuck in the run-down manse together in a three-week battle of wills to see who can win the property. 

Forced to contend with power outages, unexpected tenants, and their crumbling surroundings, Kobie and Xavier are both intent on walking away with the deed. 

But they’re so focused on evicting the vagrant wildlife that they don’t notice their feelings are setting up house.

Xavier is convinced he can devise a plan where they both end up satisfied. But Kobie has been left high and dry by all the important people in her life, and there’s no reason for her to think Xavier won’t do the same.

When the wrecking ball swings, will it be Lyons Manor that gets shattered, or someone’s heart? 

Falling Inn Hate is a dual 1st person POV, steamy small-town romance with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. 


E-book pre-order available now (pre-order readers receive the special discount price of 99¢)

Falling Inn Hate will be available in Kindle Unlimited on release day. Paperbacks will be available at multiple online retailers. 

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